German Language

Join us at Rainbow World School and embark on a linguistic journey that will open doors to new cultures, expand horizons, and unlock countless opportunities. Experience the joy of learning a foreign language and discover the wonders of the German-speaking world.

Welcome to Rainbow World School, Bhawarna, where we open the doors to a world of opportunities through the mastery of foreign languages. Since 2018, we have been providing high-quality education in German, one of the most widely spoken languages in Europe. Our dedicated team of language experts ensures that students not only develop their language skills but also gain a deep understanding of the German culture and traditions.

Our Achievements

We take pride in our students’ achievements in the field of German language learning, who have consistently excelled in various German language competitions, bringing home numerous awards.

In the academic year 2022-23, 16 students (Jasmine Patial, Mohini Thalwal, Anshul Kumar, Anikait Kumar, Rishika Guleria, Yashika Jamwal, Aavya Rana, Kaushik Mahal, Shorya Thakur, Mannat Sharma, Tamish Dharwal, Abhinav Jamwal, Priyal Kaushal, Athrv, Shivansh Thakur, Anvi Kumari) successfully qualified the prestigious Goethe A1 examination, marking a significant milestone in their language learning journey.

Rainbowites shined in Deutsche Karneval inter school Competition, organized by Jawahar Navoday Vidhlaya, Ranchi. Rainbow World School secured 3rd Position in German group singing competition.

‘’Grüß dich Himachal – 2’’ German Language competition organized by Rainbow International School, Nagrota , Main subsidy of Rainbow group of schools, Himachal. Rainbowites showed incredible results in many Competitions like German Greeting card making, group song and spell bee.

International guests from Austria and Italy visited Rainbow World school and they not only motivated the German learners but also charmed the learners by cooking German and Italian delicacies and German songs.

Angel Goswami shines as a true star of the German language. Angel not only achieved success in the Goethe B1 exam but also secured a scholarship to Germany through the IAP(international award program) competition organized by The Goethe Institute, Max Müller Bhawan, New Delhi. This remarkable accomplishment highlights our school’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and providing opportunities for our students to explore their potential on a global stage.

The German language program at Rainbow World School is designed to be interactive, engaging, and comprehensive.

Beyond the classroom, Rainbow World School organizes various extracurricular activities like German declamation, German language day and cultural events that allow students to showcase their German language skills and immerse themselves in the richness of German culture.