Student Council (2023-24)


Serve with pride - Lead with confidence - Inspire to impact lives.

Mandate of the Student Council

  • Promoting integration and respecting uniqueness.
  • Emboldening and Ingraining discipline among the students to observe school rules and regulations and providing proper ambience.
  • Gaining proficiency by carrying out and disseminating responsibilities.
  • Providing prompt direction and council whenever required to handle any catastrophe or disruptions, with excellence.
  • Being respectful and responsible in navigating conflicts without loosing connection for the growth of the institution.

Message from Head boy and Head girl

  • Head Boy: “Challenges are stepping stones to success. Let’s face them with resilience and emerge stronger than ever.”
  • Head Girl: “Believe in yourself! Your dreams are worth chasing, and every effort counts. So, keep aiming high and never give up.”

student council for the Academic session 2023-24 :-

Head Boy Deputy Head Boy Head Girl
Raghav Sharma (XII) Shivam (XI) Vaishnavi Rai (XII)
Deputy Head Girl Sports Captain Vice Captain
Jasmine Patial (XI) Krish Chauhan (XII) Shina Katoch (XI)
NCC Captain Scout and Guide Captain German Captain
Ayush Mehra (XII) :Seijal Khurana (XI) Angel Goswami (XI)
ATL Captain Children Science Congress Committee: Captain Disaster Management Committee:Captain
Anshul (XI) Keshav Thakur (XII) Ananya Jamwal (XII)
Eco Club Captain Garnet House -Captain Garnet House Vice Captain
Vanshika Sharma (XII) Kashish Chouhan(XII) Ankit Rana (XII)
Emerald House- Captain Emerald House- Vice Captain Morganite House- Captain
Ashmita Jamwal (XII) Aryamann Singh Parihar (X-R) Rahul Kumar (XII)
Morganite House- Captain Vice Captain Sapphire House -Captain Sapphire House - Vice Captain
Mohini (XI) Vanshika Rana (XII) Aanchal Kumari (XI)