Rainbow World School, Bhawarna

Co-curricular Activities ensure the harmonious growth of personality in children. It is source of strength for streamlining the talents of the child. It also helps to improve analytical thrust for knowledge, competitive spirit, communication abilities, value orientation, leadership, teamwork and various other facets of life.

Strengthening students for national and international forum.

To inculcate all the said qualities, quiz, recitation, extempore speech, elocution, debate, mono act, fancy dress competitions are conducted here at Rainbow World School. The School promotes national integration policy: celebrates regional, religious and national festivals much to the unique principle and feeling of oneness.

You Will Have Knowledge Of The Subjects That Will Be Especially Useful For You When Climbing The Career Ladder

Become a part of our Rainbow World School, Bhawarna, explore your
hidden skills and become a professional.

Our Activities